T-Pain "Coming Home"

T-Pain 'Coming Home'
T-Pain is undergoing a career renaissance, having impressed many with an AutoTune-eschewing NPR Tiny Desk performance, but that doesn't mean the rapper ternt sanga has abandoned his signature singing style just yet. The effect runs full force in T-Pain's latest single, a long-distance love track called "Coming Home."

The cut is full of feel-good melodies, with T-Pain channelling the joy of someone trying to make it back home to his loved one, crossing the seven seas "just to see your face." The single artwork seems to have a patriotic, troops-saluting vibe to it, though lyrically this doesn't come through as strongly as much as the desire to reunite with one's one-and-only. Furthering this are Proclaimers-biting ad libs inspired by "500 Miles."

Your finger only has a few centimetres to travel to hear the new T-Pain track, which you'll find in the player down below.