Seth Rogen's Ceramic Vase to Fetch over $5,000 at Auction

Seth Rogen's Ceramic Vase to Fetch over $5,000 at Auction
The Vancouver Art Gallery has launched its first-ever auction, and local ceramicist Seth Rogen has donated one of his own works to the lot.

Rogen has listed an untitled "ceramic sculpture" through the auction hosted by Heffel Fine Art Auction House. Bidding on the vase is now open, and as of press time, the current bid stands at $5,500. The auction will remain open until June 15 at 4 p.m. ET.

A description of Rogen's work includes a pretty spot-on retelling of his ceramic art journey:

Well-known for his comic acting, writing and improvisational skills, the Vancouver-raised Rogen has recently emerged as a talented ceramist. Although skilled in the making of traditional ceramic ware in subdued earth tones, he has been garnering attention on social media particularly for his playfully experimental series of brilliantly coloured, highly textured pots. Rogen uses glaze sculpturally to build up the surfaces of his vases to strange and sometimes humorous effect. Their bumpy exteriors call to mind everything from coral formations and candy confections to — as one journalist has suggested — the Flintstones or the Jetsons.

Rogen's contribution to the VAG "Spring Forward" auction will "provide an opportunity to not only support the Gallery's mission but also to add a stunning piece of art to your personal collection."

If you're in need of a Seth Rogen-made vase, check out the auction here