Get Excited for 'Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm'

Listen to Exclaim!'s personalized playlist to get you excited for its release
Get Excited for 'Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm'
Documentary filmmaker Hannah Berryman has returned with her latest film Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm. For context and your listening enjoyment, we've curated a playlist of tracks that were cut at the historic location.
Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm tells the story of two brothers who dreamt of making music. In the midst of milking cows on their family farm, they have a bold idea of turning the farm into a recording studio. Animals are kicked out and musicians moved in, and unknowingly the brothers launch the world's first independent residential recording studio.  
The film contains loads of interviews and great music, featuring Black Sabbath, Oasis, Hawkwind, Robert Plant, Simple Minds, Coldplay, the Stone Roses, the Boo Radleys, the Charlatans and Manic Street Preachers — all of which who recorded at Rockfield. 
Check out our playlist companion for the full viewing experience, and enjoy Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm!