Archspire Relentless Mutation

Archspire Relentless Mutation
Vancouver, BC's Archspire offer up another slab of complex tech-death with their third full-length, Relentless Mutation. The followup to 2014's The Lucid Collective lives up to expectations, featuring remarkably fast and intricate technicality.
Opener "Involuntary Doppelgänger" is a whirlwind of speedy guitar work, inhuman blasts and catchy rhythms that carry on throughout "Human Murmuration" and "Remote Tumour Seeker."
Archspire have also delved into more unorthodox and experimental territory on this record, with layers of mesmerizing dynamics that enhance their unique sound. The title track features progressive melodies, while the chaotic "The Mimic Well" contains jazzy guitar noodling. "Calamus Will Animate" combines an unpredictable mix of heavy staccato riffs and rapid-fire vocals with melodic ambience, which is both intriguing and gut-wrenching.
The dystopian sci-fi themes complement the innovative and thoughtful songwriting throughout Relentless Mutation, while the crisp production brings the release back down to Earth. It's over-the-top yet comprehensible, and with seven scatterbrained tracks in only 30 minutes, the album thankfully doesn't get too overwhelming. (Season of Mist)