​Brandi Carlile Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Edmonton AB, August 11

​Brandi Carlile Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Edmonton AB, August 11
Photo: Dana Zuk
With the waves of hype generated by Brandi Carlile's latest album, Cover Stories, it was no surprise that her set last night (August 11) was also massively anticipated. Thankfully, the show proved itself a lasting and impactful achievement.

Carlile's alternative country-infused rock and roll stylings gave her live performance an edge that is both unique and unforgettable.

Her vocal prowess is undeniable in a live setting, the capability and range in her voice rivalled only by its durability and consistency. Even in the midst of aggressive guitar playing or in the aftermath of a challenging vocal run, Carlile stays on point and makes it look easy. She was accompanied by twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth on acoustic guitar and bass, who helped deliver a set will be ringing through the ears of all attendees for days to come.

The flow of the performance was natural and organic, with seamless song-to-song transitions that allowed each tune to build up from the one before. She drew from older songs, as well as newer tracks like "Wherever Is Your Heart," — and, of course, included some covers as well. She gave her take on John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads," and closed with Led Zeppelin's "Going to California," before exiting the stage — for many, much too early.