Chelsea Wolfe Covers Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock"

Wolfe's rendition of the Mitchell classic comes from 2019's 'Birth of Violence' sessions
Chelsea Wolfe Covers Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock'
Chelsea Wolfe has shared a cover of Joni Mitchell's classic 1970 track "Woodstock," along with an original song titled "Green Altar." Both tracks are remnants of 2019's Birth of Violence sessions. 

About the austere, piano-led cover, Wolfe said:

While preparing for the Birth of Violence tour, I was watching a lot of Joni Mitchell videos. A 1966 Canadian performance that I found of hers ended up inspiring the video for my song "Highway." One night after working on the live set, Ben [Chisholm] and I were hanging out and I was just letting the Joni videos roll. "Woodstock" came on and I started singing along. After that I simply asked Ben if he'd be into covering it with me for the tour, and we just went back into the studio and started working it out. The cover came together quite naturally and it was a treat to play on stage every night. Joni is obviously such a big inspiration to this side of my music, so it felt right to pay tribute to her.

"Woodstock" was famously inspired by Mitchell's then-boyfriend Graham Nash's account of the legendary festival, as Mitchell was unable to attend because she was set to appear on The Dick Cavett Show.

Check out Wolfe's cover below.