Christine Fellows "Call of the Wild" on Exclaim! TV

Christine Fellows 'Call of the Wild' on Exclaim! TV
Christine Fellows' Burning Daylight is much more than another studio effort from the Winnipeg songwriter. Accompanied by a book of poetry, the cross-format release was inspired by Jack London stories and Canada's sprawling north. The result was a collection in which Fellows "examines dislocation, isolation, family and frailty, reflected in our relationship with the ever-changing northern landscape."

We invited Fellows to the Exclaim! office to perform "Call of the Wild," a track taken from her aforementioned sixth studio album.

Opening with heavily sustained notes from her accompanying cellist, Fellows soon begins her intricately fingerpicked ukulele melodies. The minimalist approach does well in supporting Fellows' vocals, on top of vivid lyrical work concerning nature and the environment.

Mments of vocal call and response between Fellows and her cellist, who impressively harmonizes with her own instrument, give way to a celebratory chorus – a welcome bit of contrast to the song's brooding verses.

Watch the duo's performance in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres