Cryptopsy The Book of Suffering - Tome II

Cryptopsy The Book of Suffering - Tome II
Quebec death metal masters Cryptopsy return, after three years, with the second EP of their trilogy project, The Book of Suffering – Tome II. The iconic band have been on a roll since their 2012 self-titled album, which saw them returning to their tech-death roots, and their newest offering follows suit.
Picking up where Tome I left off, the four-track EP is comprised of 18 minutes of fast, frenzied brutality that is distinctly Cryptopsy. Starting with "The Wretched Living," the EP opens with an intense onslaught of pummelling blast beats and blazing riffage.
"Sire of Sin" magnifies the complexity, with a chaotic structure, various tempos and Christian Donaldson's brilliant guitar work. "Fear His Displeasure" features harsh and heavy grooves, thanks in part to the impact of Olivier Pinard's bass lines, while, no surprise, Flo Mounier is completely on his game, as he displays his fierce, inhuman drumming.
Finally "The Laws of the Flesh" closes the EP with unpredictable time signatures and unorthodox guitar leads, as well as Matt McGachy's dynamic vocals. Produced, mixed and mastered by Donaldson, as well as self-released, The Book of Suffering – Tome II sees the legendary Quebecois band continuing to showcase their revival on their own terms. (Independent)