David Crosby Is Rating Your Joint-Rolling Skills on Twitter

Is yours "quite nice" or like "a snake who swallowed a bowling ball"?
David Crosby Is Rating Your Joint-Rolling Skills on Twitter
From penning "Eight Miles High" with the Byrds to recently launching his own line of strains, David Crosby is rightfully recognized as a cannabis connoisseur, and he's lately been sharing his wealth of expertise online by rating people's joint-rolling abilities on Twitter.

Croz began critiquing spliff skill on the platform earlier this month after coming across a sad-looking roll from Jeffrey Guterman, promptly offering the American author some help. Though Crosby has admitted he's more partial to vaporizing marijuana these days, he quickly rolled a number himself to show his followers "what they are supposed to look like." Crosby's mentions soon lit up with joints of all shapes and sizes. Early critiques range from "lame," to "crumpled and puny," while other submissions have been described as "a snake who swallowed a bowling ball" and "a sub that went on the rocks."

Important rolling guidelines from Crosby include using both hands, twisting the ends to "pinch...open when you're ready to smoke it," and forgoing the use of a rolling machine because its "a cop out." A post from his own Mighty Croz cannabis brand also offers, "If you're experiencing sudden joint pain...you're probably holding the lit end."

While some followers asked politely if Crosby could become their personal roller, others were bold enough to challenge the rock vet to a roll-off. In any case, you can find plenty of graded submissions below.

"Cannabis has been an important part of my creative process for years," Crosby explained in a Q&A on Mighty Croz's website, adding that "All those songs you like, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, CSN, the Byrds, my new bands...I wrote them ALL on cannabis — every one of them."

Crosby last released Here If You Listen in 2018 and was in the studio with Jason Isbell late last year.