Indian Handcrafts "Zombies" on Exclaim! TV

Indian Handcrafts 'Zombies' on Exclaim! TV
Back in November, Barrie, ON's noisy rock duo Indian Handcrafts set up in a tiny corner at Toronto bar Unlovable, where they ripped through a version of "Worm in My Stomach" from their debut album, Civil Disobedience for Losers. Enjoy the video here.

A quick look through the Exclaim! TV vaults unearthed another performance, too. The band riff heavy and loud on "Zombies," another track off Civil Disobedience for Losers, from the same session they did back in November. Watch that performance below.

Filmed by Dan Tahmizian and Tiana Feng
Sound by Bryan W. Bray
Edited by Tiana Feng

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