​Nicki Minaj Drops Controversial New Track "Yikes"

​Nicki Minaj Drops Controversial New Track 'Yikes'
Despite claiming to retire last year, Nicki Minaj is back with a new song called "Yikes."
The track arrives amid controversy over a teased lyric that hears Minaj say, "All you bitches Rosa Parks / Uh oh, get your ass up."
The executive director for the Rosa And Raymond Parks Institute, Anita Peek, told TMZ yesterday (February 6), "If Rosa were alive today, she'd be extremely hurt by Minaj taking her bus protest — one of the most significant moments of the Civil Rights Movement — and putting a negative spin on it for a song, even if she was just trying to be clever or funny."
Nevertheless, the lyric remains in the track and the track is officially out now.
Listen to "Yikes" below.

The track comes in the wake of Minaj reigniting her beef with Meek Mill, as well as her brother being sentenced to 25 years to life for child rape.