Punk Band Off With Their Heads Tied to Grisly Vancouver Van Accident That Left One Woman with Life-Altering Injuries

Punk Band Off With Their Heads Tied to Grisly Vancouver Van Accident That Left One Woman with Life-Altering Injuries
Last weekend, a terrible automotive accident in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside resulted in serious injuries, including the loss of an eye, to pedestrian Desiree Evancio. The 24-year-old was hit and dragged by a van and trailer for five city blocks, sustaining life-altering injuries in the process. Now, Minneapolis punk band Off With Their Heads have been named in connection with the accident.

As CTV reports, the Epitaph-signed band were performing at Vancouver's SBC Restaurant on Hastings Street on October 12 as part of their tour. CTV News captured an image of a man holding a breathalyzer and speaking with police. CTV points that the photo in question features a man who appears to be Off With Their Heads bassist Robbie Swartwood. 

As of press time, however, the identity of the man in the photo has not been confirmed.

Evancio was too seriously injured to recall what happened, but police confirmed that she had been struck by a van pulling a trailer and carried for five blocks through Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. In addition to losing an eye, she suffered a shattered jaw, numerous broken bones and permanent damage to her limbs. She now faces extreme and expensive reconstructive surgeries that will take years to complete. A GoFundMe page has been set up in her honour.

Police briefly arrested and released the driver. They would not confirm his name but said he was American. They allege he was impaired while driving, though did not clarify if that was a factor in the accident.

A police department spokesperson previously said the driver didn't realize he had struck and dragged Evancio for five blocks until he stopped.

While police did not keep the driver in custody, they are currently investigating the ongoing case.

Off With Their Heads, meanwhile, have cancelled the remaining dates of their North American tour. They shared a vague statement confirming that one of their band members was involved in an accident.

You can see their post below.

Off With Their Heads frontman Ryan Young also told CTV News: "Unfortunately, I can't speak on any of the details because there is an ongoing investigation. I also wasn't there and have zero information about anything. All I can say is that I am heartbroken for her."

Sean Young, a concert attendee who travelled to the show from Chilliwack, is a nurse-practitioner who has worked in a trauma unit for years. He was able to keep onlookers away from Desiree's body while they waited for ambulances.

Still, Young was shocked by what he saw.

"I went to the back of the trailer and someone else was already there with a flashlight and you could just see blood — just a line of blood down the street and at that point I realized it was something completely different than someone getting backed over," he told CTV.