Suuns "Edie's Dream" / "Fearless" (Pink Floyd Cover) on Exclaim! TV

Suuns 'Edie's Dream' / 'Fearless' (Pink Floyd Cover) on Exclaim! TV
In March, Suuns released their sophomore record, Images du Futur, via Secret City, and while in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, the dark art-rock outfit swung by the Exclaim! neighbourhood for a private session.

Stripping down their live setup a tad, Suuns performed a less upbeat set of tunes, starting with "Edie's Dream." The tight and slightly jammy rendition of the album cut almost seamlessly blends into a cover of Pink Floyd's "Fearless." All the while, a video game is projected onto them.

Watch the performance below. Suuns are currently touring Europe, but will be back in Canada this spring for shows in Victoria (May 22) and Vancouver (May 23).

Filmed by Katherine Kwan & Tiana Feng
Audio by Joel Dalton
Edited by Katherine Kwan