Keysha Freshh, DijahSB, Exmiranda to Headline Women in Hip-Hop's Video Premiere Tonight

Tune in to Myseum Intersections Festival's digital event tonight at 8 p.m. ET
Keysha Freshh, DijahSB, Exmiranda to Headline Women in Hip-Hop's Video Premiere Tonight
Photo: Jamila Safiyaa
Myseum Intersections Festival — an annual city-wide art and culture festival that explores Toronto through intersectional perspectives — has readied the 2021 edition of its digital exhibition, Women in Hip-Hop
Catch ExmirandaDijahSB, and Keysha Freshh performing Women in Hip-Hop, a performance video premiering exclusively on Myseum's YouTube channel tonight at 8 p.m. ET. The video will give viewers a glimpse into a wider project, showcasing emerging and established Toronto hip-hop talent and pay homage to the women carving out space for themselves in the world of hip-hop.
In addition to this evening's event, Myseum's Women in Hip Hop: An Ear Appeal Project will also offer further live performances, video presentations and art through to May 15. The project aims to challenge the traditional role of women within the male-dominated space of hip-hop, addressing the past, present and progressive future of the Female MC and their influence on popular culture in Toronto. 

Exmiranda has curated an extensive collection of artists for the festival's digital and outdoor-facing physical exhibition, viewable online and in person at Collision Gallery. It includes works by Julia Donnici, Laura Restrepo, Melissa Falconer, Samantha Dennis, Ashante Blackwood, Danielle Fonseca, Sarah Quildon, Jamila Anderson and Shashann Miguel-Tash (Indiigo Cocoa). Women in Hip-Hop's digital exhibition will foster a unique opportunity for local women artists to make historic strides in the genre of hip-hop with proper support and investment.

To register for the video premiere and for further information on the Women in Hip-Hop exhibit, head over to the Myseum Intersections Festival website here.