Young Guv Shares 'Live in LA' Album

Proceeds from the record will be donated to out-of-work musicians and crew workers
Young Guv Shares 'Live in LA' Album
Last month, when the coronavirus pandemic resulted in a series of event cancellations in North America, Toronto power-pop outfit Young Guv was forced to cancel a tour halfway through it. In addition to the financial toll in took on Ben Cook's project, it was also tragic in that he had assembled a fantastic live band. For further proof, they've just shared a new live album.

Fittingly titled Live in LA, the album was recorded live in LA. Specifically, its 10 songs were tracked at the venue Zebulon. 

Speaking with Exclaim! last month, Cook explained how difficult it was to cancel the tour halfway through.

"Every tour is carefully budgeted and every single night matters," he said. "To have a tour get cancelled halfway through with all these expenses left me in a very tight place financially. New flights needed to be purchased. A few of us have apartments subletted for the rest of the month and when this tour was canned, we had really no place to go."

In the liner notes for the digital release, Cook promised that "ALL proceeds go to my out of work musician and crew homies worldwide." He also urged music fans to donate to the Zebulon venue staff if they have the means. If so, a GoFundMe page is available here.

Listen to Live in LA below and click through to purchase the album on Bandcamp.

Live in LA:

1. Exceptionally Ordinary
2. Every Flower I See
3. Luv Always
4. Roll With Me
5. Crushing Sensation
6. High On My Mind
7. Try Not To Hang On So Hard
8. Patterns Prevail
9. Wrong Crowd
10. Ripe 4 Luv